A beautiful mind reaction

How to Write a Summary of an Article? It was evident in the film that he has an outstanding talent and showed it by performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment. While he has a beyond average aptitude in logical and mathematical aspects, he had problems with his interpersonal relationships. This affliction slowly eats up his mind, destroying his bond with the people around him.

A beautiful mind reaction

Quinn announced that Vivienne and Julius would be with Rick and Maya, and Eric decided to invite Xander, so he wouldn't be alone for the holiday. Quinn handed Eric the list, and he noticed Pam and Charlie weren't on it.

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Eric stated that Pam and Charlie usually did the lion's share of the cooking. Quinn replied that Pam probably needed a break from Eric and Quinn.

Eric decided to add the couple to the list. Pam entered and asked to talk to Eric. When Quinn didn't leave, Pam said she'd like to talk to him alone. Eric asked if Quinn minded, and she left. Eric informed Pam that he and Quinn had just been working on the holiday guest list. Pam said she and Charlie wanted to have a quiet evening at home.

Calling it nonsense, Eric showed her that she and Charlie were on the list. Eric asked her to change her mind, but she instead changed the subject. Pam asked if Eric believed that powers watched over them from another dimension.

She believed Stephanie was trying to communicate with her. Eric appeared skeptical, but Pam continued. She said that when she'd been answering the flurry of calls earlier, she'd looked up and seen Donna staring at her in the same way Stephanie had done when she'd been alive.

Pam thought Stephanie was trying to tell them that Donna was back because of Eric. Eric quipped that his spirit world antenna was broken. Pam insisted Stephanie saw everyone and everything, and Stephanie saw that Donna had really loved Eric.

Outside the office, Quinn wandered over to the cracked door. She heard Eric saying that Pam's intuition had to be off because Stephanie had never been one to procure women for him. He doubted that Donna's presence at that point in his life meant anything more than dear friendship.

Claiming that it was more than that, Pam said Eric had given Quinn more chances than anyone ever would have. Pam couldn't shake the feeling that there were dark clouds on the horizon for the family.

Eric advised Pam that he needed her to understand some things. Eric didn't require a watchdog. He wanted Pam to respect his feelings.

He asserted that he was married to Quinn, and the marriage hadn't happened by accident. He was glad that Donna was there, but he loved his wife. Eric said they needed to leave the subject in the past. Pam replied that she'd just wanted to let Eric know.

Eric quipped that if Stephanie was angry with him from the afterlife, she'd let him know herself -- with a thunderbolt or something. Eric left the room. Looking at the ceiling, Pam apologized to Stephanie.Ateneo de Davao University. College of Nursing “In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements in Psychiatric Nursing Lecture” “A Reaction Paper on Movie: A Beautiful Mind”5/5(2).

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A beautiful mind reaction

• Share your thoughts in your own personal blog. A BEAUTIFUL MIND RESPONSE 2 Movie Response on “A Beautiful Mind” For this reaction paper, I chose to watch “A Beautiful Mind” again. The first time I saw this film, I was too young to truly understand the psychological aspects and appreciate the story%(5).

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Eddie Redmayne hails “Beautiful Mind” Stephen Hawking | Deadline

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