A discussion on kanye west as a role model

But as of recent, it seems that the most popular sneakers are endorsed by those who don't make their living by throwing or catching a ball.

A discussion on kanye west as a role model

The man sells his racist, mysognist rants to a segment of the population who might better benefit from a positive role model. But no one really cares, even around here.

Are you afraid to or is it just the quiet bigotry of lowered expectations?

Pearl-clutching about whether West or Miley Cyrus, or Snookie, or whoever is something every generation of parents goes through, much to the dismissive ridicule of their kids.

As I mentioned yesterday, I don't care for Kanye West or his music. RobertP, I don't know if you realize it but Kanye West is only too glad when the rest of us look at him and turn our noses up.

JAKE talks about being a role model and how Kanye West inspires him : Competitiveoverwatch

It means his "egotistical, bad boy swagger" image is working. And it's not like he invented that swagger. It's been around for years.

A discussion on kanye west as a role model

Look at Eminem, Metallica, Nirvana. Compared to the "mysoginistic rants" of most of those performers, I don't see any reason to single out Kanye West. As far as him being "racist," I don't know much about that. Has he made many negative comments about non-Black people in his music?

I don't follow him so I don't know. Personally, I would rather see performers perform but if he speaks out against racial injustice, the same way celebrities speak up for other socio-political issues and causes, which they have every right to do, then what's the difference? And considering many- perhaps most- of his fans are non-Black kids, I would question the wisdom of making it known he didn't like Whites or Asians.

Besides, I would suppose he can't be too much of a racist to be dating Kim Kardashian.Poor Kanye West.

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The rapper is ‘working himself into the grave’ to be a role model to the striving artists on his G.O.O.D music label, we’ve . New Music: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie “Bently Bentayga” + “3 Minute Convo” + “Role Model” Ft. Don Q + “Retaliation” Boogie is wack. Ny can do better. Just one day after pushing back a news conference about his proposed business plan while he's in office, President-Elect Donald Trump made time to meet with Kanye West.

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Bangtan boys (profile) RAP MONSTER. Hannah. Tags Fanfiction Bangtan Boy Profile. STAGE NAME: RAP MONSTER REAL NAME: KIM NAMJOON ROLE MODEL: KANYE WEST, ASSP ROCKY IN 10 YEARS HE WILL BE A RICH RAPPER Show discussion Well, research on Alan West shows a far right-wing extremist, anti-woman, frequent liar in the mold of Donald Trump.

This is exactly the type of representation we in . For example, a friend and I got into a discussion concerning Kanye West. Apparently, some people claim West to be a great role model for America’s youth.

West is considered by many to have a successful music career, which he rose to from humble beginnings in Chicago.

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