A look at the political system of ancient athens

Visit Website Ostracism, in which a citizen could be expelled from Athens for 10 years, was among the powers of the ekklesia. The Ekklesia Athenian democracy was made up of three important institutions. The first was the ekklesia, or Assembly, the sovereign governing body of Athens.

A look at the political system of ancient athens

Learn more about how Democracy was born and developed within the centuries. Athens What you can expect Join me for this unique tour and learn all about the concept of democracy in its original birthplace.

This internationally used and well-known concept was born just here in my city-Athens- years ago. Discover the history of the birth and development of this unique political system and get an introduction to Ancient Athenian Democracy, the meeting place and the people.

Imagine wandering through the sites of ancient Athens where simple Athenians used to gather, discuss and vote. Imagine standing right at the spots where ancient orators and politicians used to debate and express their views in front of the citizens of this glorious city.

Start your local experience and meet your guide at the foothill of Pnyka Hill.

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Pnyka is just one of the three hills overlooking the Acropolis that give the impression they were placed here by a divine hand to protect the sacred hill opposite!

Follow a pathway that was constructed in the 20th century in an effort to represent the ancient street leading to the top of the Hill. Move on to the next stop: Let your eyesight stretch all the way to the sea and the port of Pireus — the ancient and modern port of Athens- and try to imagine that the ancient citizens of Athens were also turning their eyes to this direction while they were climbing the Hill to attend their General Assembly.

A look at the political system of ancient athens

You have now reached the entrance of the meeting place of ancient Athenians. Although it sounds harsh to us today to accept this fact, just marvel at the beauty of the place overlooking the Parthenon, the surrounding hills but also the entire modern city. Listen to the history of this unique place and also learn some interesting information about this political system, the customs and the practical details during the meetings.

Take photos and then start descending the Hill that will lead you to your next stop. Listen to some interesting information about the great philosopher, his life, the notorious trial and his imprisonment in this very place while he was waiting for his sentence — death by poisoning!

Learn the reasons behind his will to obey the rules of Athens no matter what the price was! Learn some more interesting stories while sipping a traditional Greek coffee or fresh refreshments.

Join me for this unique tour and learn all about the concept of democracy in its original birthplace.Athens in the 5th to 4th century BCE had an extraordinary system of government: democracy.

Under this system, all male citizens had equal political rights. The poorest class, the Thetai, (Ancient Greek Θήται) who formed the majority of the population, received political rights for the first time and were able to vote in the Ecclesia (Assembly).

A look at the political system of ancient athens

But only the upper classes could hold political office. An Analysis of the Athenian Democracy in Ancient Greece.

Demokratia and the Demos

1, words. A History of the Rule of Pericles and the Golden Age of Ancient Athens. words. A Look at the Political System of Ancient Athens.

2, words. 5 pages. A Comparison of Athenian Democracy and Canadian Democracy. In this unit, you will learn about ancient Greece. Look carefully at the map.

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Put an X on Athens. Put a Y on Sparta. Put an O on Mount Olympus.

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Ancient Greece became two of the Politics in Ancient Athens The political system in Athens in B.C. was a democracy. Ancient Athens had elected officials and an . Ancient Athens’s democracy might offer options.

The framers of our Constitution rejected the Athenian model as “too democratic” for the measured republic they were trying to build. The Athenian assembly, known as the “ekklesia”, sat to discuss political, militaristic and social matters and agendas in the pnyx. This was an area close by to the .

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