An overview of wiebo ludwig trial for the vandalism in the united states

Candles and a bottle of hand lotion sit on a side table.

An overview of wiebo ludwig trial for the vandalism in the united states

January 28, at 9: Goldenkey appears to be biding its time waiting for Lethbridge to get back to its tired and apathetic complacency. Rope-a-dope strategy can be effective. Exactly what is the aim of the protest activity.

Is it to awaken the University and High School population who seem oblivious to the issue? Is it to goad our Provincial leaders into awareness?

Saving our energy for one mass demonstration when the World Economic Forum comes to Alberta may be the best strategy. Our Premier loves the limelight as she strides the World Stage. She is having a tough time getting attention. Let the WEF know that there seems to be no other place to dig other than close to our homes, schools and recreation centres.

They have sold the ground upon which our houses sit. They will undermine the foundation of value for a paltry few pieces of silver. How much longer will you be the good parochial plebeians? Demonstrations are inevitable and welcome but must be focused and led by the united masses.

I wonder why such supposedly bright folks in the political parties in power decided to focus on oil sands development above everything else. The risk of gambling on the Alberta oilsands at a time when there was a shale gas boom in the USA is beyond stupid--it is criminal.

I imagine that the results of such a gamble will be evident to all of us in the next few years. There will be economic troubles and the Tories at all levels are entirely responsible for these troubles.

They put all their energies into one thing which was oilsands development and the fact of the matter is --in my opinion--this gamble was short sighted and narrow. They should have been balanced in their development of the Canadian economy. Right now we are in the time before all hell breaks loose.

We already have delays in the pipelines. We have a railway transport of the oil that the pipelines can't keep up with. We have future accidents with such a transition of oil transport that are not being dealt with because the Tories will not win the next election and the problems that they won't deal with in the rail transport of oil will have to be the problems of the next political party that comes into power.

I believe that this sort of dissent will increase because if the oil and gas work is being ramped up close to where we live, if there is also the additional problem of the method being used being that of fracking, if we are not told what chemicals are being pumped into the ground or why this work needs to be done close to our kids--well then--these sorts of changes are new to folks in cities.

We're not used to having our backyards fracked.

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Rural Albertans have had to put up and shut up about problems with fracking and oil companies. But as industry gets closer and closer to urban centers and as folks begin to be more knowledgeable about what fracking does to their environment and health--I'm betting that the dissenting that is occurring in Lethbridge and other urban areas will increase.

What sort of dissent is going on around Lethbridge? It is a problematic sort of dissent for Alberta Tories and for the federal Tories. The problem is of course it is happening among their own tribe people.

Church women are sitting in their churches and asking questions. They start off with issues regarding children --as I did. Then they veer off the main road and begin to ask deep dish questions such as what the heck is going on right next to our homes?

Why are they drilling near our kids? What is the sort of drilling that is going on?Learning, knowledge, research, insight: welcome to the world of UBC Library, the second-largest academic research library in Canada.

I covered Ludwig's trial in Edmonton, where Justice Sterling Sanderman—largely on circumstantial evidence—found Ludwig and his right-hand man, Richard Boonstra, guilty of oil field vandalism. Feb 16,  · Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States have basically become extensions of companies like Monsanto, makers of an ecologically disastrous deluge of GMOs, suicide seeds, and cancer-causing glyphosate contamination.

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An overview of wiebo ludwig trial for the vandalism in the united states

The Iowa-bred daughter of a minister, Mamie Lou has a squared-off jaw and washed-out, somewhat ravaged features. She and Wiebo could pass for an aging country-and-western duo who have gone through tough times and lived to sing about their trials.

He packed up the four children, Trevor, Kevin, 9, Dennis, 5, and Simone, 4, and on Sept. 10, left for the United States in Ludwig’s car. A warrant was issued in Canada for Bill’s arrest. With the help of Lynda Bruinsma and brother-in-law George Kloet, Stephanie contacted American police and child-find organizations to try to hunt down Bill and the .

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