Arica fagins business niche 2 page

He was jobless for three months when he decided to start his own small business. But he only had R in his pocket and his wife wanted the money to buy sishebo ingredients for the whole month. Now, Mahudi runs three retail locations in Soweto and employs 28 people. Why start this type of business?

Arica fagins business niche 2 page

Running a construction biz in the States was a hair raising affair at times. Factor in all the cultural differences of Chile, and you will go grey fast. That said, I do think it is possible, and the market could use as many high quality builders as possible. Really you need to approach it from a crisis management and damage control perspective.

I guess really planning for the raining day is just what any good business is about, but construction in Chile seems at times to be nothing but that.

That is basically all we do is construction damage control.

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That struck us as sufficiently big unfilled niche in the market all by it self. So, basically what we do is try and find and stop the errors before they happen. The good news is, because the workers work so slowly, disasters tend to happen in slow motion.

For example, you get a month to think about if the forms for the foundation are set correctly because that is how long it might take the workers to set them up between rain storms yea, they don't work in the rain, even in doors.

In the states you have well enforced building codes, city inspectors, and 2 lawyers for every inspector to back them up. They are here in Chile, but it really depends from town to town how strong that enforcement will be.

That constant pressure however on the builders, runs a lot of the low quality builders out of the market. It also drives the price up.

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I would say if you try to compete with the low end mastros on the street, you would be dead in the water. They serve the market of people that would never have paid to do it right in the first place. On the other hand it takes a lot of money to do it big time with track home projects and buildings.

Construction in Chile in not very specialized. Guys who do electricity, will also poor the concrete. The quality of the work to a great extent reflects that lack of specialization.

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My recommendation, and it would likely give you a lot more control over the whole process plus eliminate a lot of the trust hurdles in the market would be to come in as more of a real estate developer.

Buy property, build a good quality houses, and sell. Much more profit, and in many ways you can control the whole decision making processes a lot better.

I would say as an educational - exploration experience try it with one house, perhaps for yourself, and you will see a lot of the pitfalls and a lot of opportunities in the construction industry.

Arica fagins business niche 2 page

I would also say stay away from partnerships, or at least any that are critical to getting the job done. Hire the people you need, don't become their partners.With a colourful farmyard and host of loveable puppet characters, Pongo’s Party is a family show particularly suitable for 2 – 7 year olds – plus includes a special guest appearance from the Easter Bunny .

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Next Slide 10 Cheap Businesses You Can Start In South Africa Aimed Author: Pritesh Ruthun. News September 28th, Ficosa and Panasonic have joined forces to improve their technological capabilities and integrate complementary technologies that will be the basis of the automobile of the future in the areas of connectivity, safety and efficiency The Smart Connectivity Module (SCM) is a ground-breaking solution that turns the car.

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