Combating organized crime essay

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Combating organized crime essay

Combating organized crime essay

Criminal Justice - Organized Crime Type: Research Paper Download this Research Paper in word format. Organized crime presents certain unique challenges for law enforcement in the 21st century. Diverting resources to combat terrorism have also left law enforcement agencies in the United States with fewer financial resources to combat other forms of organized crimealthough some of the methods to trace both types of organizations, such as patterns of money launderingare similar between both of these types of illicit associations.

Organized crime is defined as "criminal activity that, through violence or threatening people, seeks to the extract illegal or legal rents from the community" Calderon Organized criminal organizations may include the Italian Mafia, Cosa Nostra, or any number of less well-known illegal groups.


Unlike terrorist organizations, organized criminals are primarily driven by the need make a profit, not by an ideology. They may have equally rigid systems as terrorist entities in allocating power and controlling the activities of members, as well as punishing those who deviate from group rules Finklea,p.

In general, organized crime involves criminal activities including but not limited to "prostitution, undocumented immigration, illegal substances, stolen goods, piracy, illegal gambling" that the public are prohibited from obtaining by legal means and providing them illegally Calderon Organized crime may also involve purveying stolen goods at a cheaper price or using extortion for example, demanding that legitimate businesses pay for 'protection'.

Organized crime poses a threat to the community through the threat of violence and by threatening legitimate businesses and reducing trust in and respect for the law if authorities cannot contain its spread.

Additionally, as noted by Finkleathere is an overall negative effect of organized criminal associations' illegal activities due to a loss of tax revenue that could be gained through legitimate purposes, such as when organized crime groups sell illegal goods or when they engage in identity theft.

In the United States, in recent years the most common method of policing organized crime has been leveraging the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act RICO of which prohibits so-called racketeering activities Finklea,p.

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RICO has been used against a variety of groups and specifically prohibits activities involving illegal interstate or international activities including: But in the future, given the increasingly international nature of organized crime, looking beyond traditional, domestic forms of enforcement may be required.

Money Laundering Despite the fact that investigating terrorist versus organized criminal organizations has drawn greater interest and public attention in recent years, there is often a fair amount of overlap between the types of crimes that fuel organized crime and terrorism, including money laundering.

Online banking has made money laundering considerably easier than it has been in the past. The more innovative the methods, the more difficult such transactions can be to track.

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Not all shell organizations exist solely on paper; sometimes organizations may be legitimate but are still used as fronts for concealing the bulk of the funds actually propping up the organization. For example, to use a fictional example, the drug dealer of Breaking Bad uses a chain of car washes to conceal the profits from his business "Money laundering," Other common techniques used even before the digital era include so-called smurfing, or depositing small sums of a large amount of ill-gotten gains to avoid notice.

Using offshore accounts in nations with more lax laws about tracking funds or who may have law enforcement agents more amenable to be bribed or who are actively involved in the scheme is also popular as a way to conceal the origins of large sums of cash "Money laundering," Drug Trafficking Ever since the beginnings of modern organized crime, drug trafficking has played a critical role in generating funds.

The Italian Mafia was involved during Prohibition in the trafficking of alcohol, which was then illegal in the United States and has since been active in selling illegal drugs. It is only one of many criminal organizations involved in this field.

For many organizations, particularly in Latin America, trafficking in drugs provides the bulk of the organization's revenue Calderon In a number of nations, particularly in Mexico, organized criminal drug trafficking has infiltrated law enforcement, making it even more difficult to control the spread of drugs across the nation's borders.

Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access Robert Brown Introduction Organized crime has been a continuous problem in our society for many decades. Many efforts have been made to strop these organizations and their illicit criminal acts, but there are many improvements that have to made.
Controlling Organized Crime | Essay Example Crime Combatting organized crime is an exhausting job.

Organizations retain their dominance "through kidnapping, extortion, and establishing protection rackets" Calderon This also highlights how organized crime can be linked to national security issues as well as to attempting to limit the flow of drugs across the nation's borders Calderon It can be difficult to work with nations where organized crime has an active role in bribing or otherwise engaging in corrupt activities with law enforcement agencies themselves.

Mexico has become a particularly problematic issue for policing drug trafficking because of the fact that it has become a popular site of drug retailing as well as drug trafficking. Its increased wealth and a growing middle-class population has strengthened the presence of illicit traffickers due to the fact that more Mexicans are capable of supporting the market as well as the nation providing a route of convenient transit Calderon Organized crime has grown increasingly emboldened and difficult to contain and drug-related violence has spilled over into middle and upper-class communities.

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A Study in Diversity No single nation or ethnicity can be uniquely singled out as being problematic and singularly responsible for organized criminal….Having effective crime policies will help to eliminate the amount of organized crime groups.

It may help to reduce the violence associated with organized crime groups and drug trafficking. This can help minimize the grip organized crime has on society.

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Combatting organized crime is an exhausting job. Law enforcement must weed through backgrounds and known associates to piece together which criminals are .

Combating Organized Crime Combatting organized crime is an exhausting job.

Combating Organized Crime | Essay Example

Law enforcement must weed through backgrounds and known associates to piece together which criminals are affiliated with which organization and what areas they belong to.

Crime, Law, Law Enforcements - Improving Law Enforcement's Approach to Combating Organized Crime Improving Law Enforcement's Approach to Combating Organized Crime Essay My Account. Describe the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime, including a critique of the large federal laws and strategies that support this effort.

Organized crime consists of different ethical backgrounds and language barriers.

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