Communicating with spirits through writing a letter

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Communicating with spirits through writing a letter

communicating with spirits through writing a letter

Others think of it more as a means of communication, not allowing spirit to control your body but allowing you to stop the noisy chatter of your conscious thoughts in order to hear what the spirits are saying, or possibly what your higher self has to tell you. For those of us who will probably never become psychic mediums ourselves, automatic writing is a tool we can use to communicate with spirits on our own.

It is a tool that allows people like me and you to communicate with our deceased loved-ones and spirit-guides without the need for a psychic medium. Not only will it save us a lot of money on reading fees, it gives us better access to the guidance and ongoing relationships we all have access to with those spirits who love and guide us.

I decided to give automatic writing a try to see what results I might have. I understood what psychic mediums do to raise their energy and connect with spirit, so I knew the basic process—basically it is meditation, clearing the mind and raising your energy.

And I knew it was unlikely that I would ever share the gift that Vicki, John, Rita and the others have as psychic mediums. As a writer, my typing skills were such that my fingers typed words as fast as I could think them. It seemed like an interesting experiment to type my thoughts before I had a chance to think about what I was writing.

I meditated first to get into a relaxed state of mind. If snoring were a sign of deep meditation, monks and yogis would be at my door asking to learn my secret methods. Once relaxed, I placed my fingers over my keyboard. Then I rapidly typed whatever answer popped into my head. Other times I felt like my typing was slowing down and my conscious mind might be controlling the process, so I stopped and relaxed my mind again before proceeding.

I did this for a few weeks before I read what I had written. I was a bit shocked at the results. First of all, what was written was too wisdom-ish. Here is an example of one of my automatic writings. Now that you are used to my writing style, you will notice that the words being written are dissimilar to the way I normally write: You are all energy.

Remember yourself as energy and more will begin to make sense. When you remember a past life, when you connect with a person across the country or across the world telepathically, when strange unexplainable coincidences occur that you simply cannot make sense of, this is because you are energy; and until you see yourself as such, you will not be able to make sense of it all.

Energy is all we are. Your temporary human existence is like a ride at Disney World, you are traveling through space inside a body. Consider this body your vehicle. Like your car, you must treat your body well in order to get the most mileage out of it.

But do not get too attached to it, it is only temporary.

There are so many ways to facilitate communication with your Spirit Guides. One of the ways I’ve started communicating with them is through letters. Just before we left for Portland, my head was full of questions I wanted to ask my Guides. Letters to Spirit Guides. Hi Friends! One of the ways I’ve started communicating with them is through letters. Just before we left for Portland, my head was full of questions I wanted to ask my Guides. I was about to meditate, and I was concerned I would forget to ask some of my questions, so I decided to write a letter to my Guides asking them everything that was on my mind. Another way you can talk to the dead is through spirit writing, also called automatic or ghost writing. This type of spirit communication is more prone to attracting bad spirits than is communication through Tarot cards or candle flames, so remember to stop immediately if you get an uneasy feeling.

You will have other cars, and thus other bodies. There are no limitations to your destinations. The only limitations are within your own belief system. You cannot drive to a location that you do not believe exists.

You would not even try. If someone told you to drive to Atlantis, you would never leave your driveway. You do not believe it exists, so you would not attempt to get there. The same is true with your destinations in life. If you can think it, you can and will get there.May 17,  · Hey there everyone so after checking around the forum a little bit, i found that some people like to communicate to their spirits by writing letters .

Communicating Through Candle Scrying Candle scrying is another way you can talk to the dead. This technique is similar to crystal gazing or using scrying mirrors, with the difference being that fire is a safer and more effective medium for contacting spirits.

Automatic writing is a great, non-scary way of channeling your Higher Self or Spirit Guides through writing. Learn how and tips here. Automatic writing is a great, non-scary way of channeling your Higher Self or Spirit Guides through writing. Thank you for sharing these four steps to communicate with spirits.

I used to communicate with. “Communicate over” vs.


“communicate through” We communicated with spirits through a shaman. I communicated with my estranged ex-wife through a lawyer. if the schema actually creates the link, it would be communicating through it.

But all that is getting very technical. Like I said, the difference is very small, you could use.

communicating with spirits through writing a letter

What’s great about writing a letter is that it encourages you to add more detail about your request. You might feel silly talking out loud to your guides with no visible presence in the room, which might influence you to cut your communications short.

Connect with the other Side: Write a Letter to Spirit If you’re reading this blog, chances are you‘ve felt the presence of Spirit in your life. But there are times when that feeling isn’t enough – when you wish you could reach out to a particular person on the other side and ask them a question, resolve an unsettled issue, or share the.

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