Compare contrast art essay

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Compare contrast art essay

Hire Writer The second piece of art was done be Egon Schiele in Both are contemporary art pieces that are of women who are about the same age. Each woman is sitting down and seems to be waiting for someone else. Each painting tells a story about the young women.

Both of these paintings use similar colors of green and brown. Like the painting of Priscilla the other girl has a clenched jaw and tight lips. Each woman is wearing eye liner and lipstick. One of the biggest important similarities that I see in both of these paintings is that the artist seemed to leave the painting unfinished.

Compare contrast art essay

These paintings do have many similarities but they also have many differences. Unlike the painting of Priscilla the painting of the Seated Women is one of more relaxation.

She is sitting with her legs spread apart and seems to be a lot more inviting.

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She has her head resting on her leg and is holding her leg with both hands. This painting is very sad because she seems to have been in an abusive relationship. She has bruises on her face and along both of her arms.

She is wearing black stockings that cover her legs which might suggest that there are more bruises. As you look into her eyes she has a look as if she is angry but thinks that there is no hope for change.

Completley different from Priscilla who is sitting with objects in the room; this other woman is alone and isolated. The clothes that each woman wear also tell us were each of these women might stand socially.

Unlike Priscilla the other women is wearing older rags that hang off her body. The one thing that set these two paintings apart for me is the hair. The hair in each of these paintings is very different.

The hair in each of these paintings reflects the attitude that each women has. I like how they conveyed the emotion through the postures of each of these women. Both of these women are from two different worlds.

They have different moods, posture, attitude and class.

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But they are still very similar in that they are both oil on canvas paintings of women who are sitting and are about the same age. Each of these paintings are very well done and amazing pieces of art. Choose Type of service.Compare and Contrast Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau 3D Design Essay  Compare and Contrast Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau 3D Design Between and there were two movements both in architecture and design who contributed greatly to different methods and styles in their work.

Download file "Compare and Contrast essay (Art History through the 19th Century)" to see previous pages Raphael’s painting shows the Madonna as a softly rounded woman with soft blonde hair gathered into a soft bun out of the viewer’s angle of vision.

The art work on display for analysis in the assignment will be judged according to the relationships between the pictorial themes that were stated previously. Discussion We will write a custom essay .

Discussion about this works of Art will be based on the field man’s analysis, thus description, analysis, interpretation and judgement on the subject matter, media and size, location and literal qualities, social, cultural and political issues surrounding the creation of the Artworks but in .

A compare and contrast essay is a form of academic writing that is built around an examination of at least two items. There are two kinds of compare and contrast essays: one where you focus more on the similarities of chosen items, and one that contrasts.

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