Delwarca software remote support unit

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Delwarca software remote support unit

This course and its postgraduate course, IM, focus on building students' skills and providing a hands-on experience with ExtendSim.

Thus, rather than focusing on presenting the theory of simulation then applying that theory using ExtendSim, Dr. El-Kilany built models in ExtendSim illustrating basic simulation theory such as random number generation, warm-up period, number of replications, etc.

ExtendSim was then used to solve basic problems found in textbooks such as simulation of passengers arrival at airport gates, simulation of different manufacturing operations such as batching, un-batching, inspection, various modes of material release, emergency breakdowns and scheduled maintenance These problems were delivered in lab hours and students were allowed to gain the required skills of building their own models within these hours and were sometimes asked to conduct further tests and analysis on these models.

Delwarca software remote support unit

Finally, they were asked to conduct a group term project, where they are given the chance to select a system to study, collect actual data, analyse the data, develop models, suggest different scenarios, and to make recommendations based on their analyses.

Fast Food Restaurant - Order processing simulation.


Car Filters Manufacturer -- Capacity analysis. Starbucks Cafe in Alexandria, Egypt - Analysis of queue buildup. Mobinil - Model this mobil carrier network in Egypt Credit Agricole Bank, Dental Arts Clinic, Metro, Mobil Gas Station A Delwarca software remote support unit of other real manufacturing systems in Eqypt - evaluation of different maintenance plans in a sheet metal works company, analysis of traffic light signal timing, bottleneck analysis for bottled juice producer, capacity analysis of a beverage manufacturer, queuing system at a mobile service provider, and assessing the impact of adding additional filling machine in a yogurt production facility.

Ease with which students learned to model with ExtendSim The course is designed in a way that students are introduced to the concepts of simulation and spreadsheet simulation at the beginning, then they are introduced to developing models in ExtendSim.

They managed to grasp this model development activity in two weeks; where they developed a simulation model of the ACME Steel Manufacturer. In parallel, they are asked to develop models of simpler systems.

Based on student feedback, they actually enjoyed ExtendSim classes more than anything in the course.

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They are always eager to know more about ExtendSim and its capabilities. Following the ExtendSim User Guide and preparing a set of exercises, problems, and case studies was the key to teaching them how to develop different simulation models. The car wash tutorial helped in conveying most of the modelling techniques required to model almost any system.

When going through developing their own models, they were advised to always refer to the User Guide and example models provided with ExtendSim to help them in modelling their systems under study. Students managed to grasp the basic knowledge and skills needed to develop simulation models with fair complexity using ExtendSim in a relatively short period of time.

This was evident through the models developed in their group projects in addition to quizzes and cases that tested their abilities individually. Although the students are introduced weekly to different blocks of ExtendSim in lectures depending on the topic being delivered ; yet, they only start working with ExtendSim and develop their own models after the 7th week.

Being able to model small problems in labs, quizzes, and final exam in addition to being able to develop models for real systems and suggested improvements to these systems after 7 weeks of lab hours shows the ease with which the students were able to use ExtendSim.

Delwarca software remote support unit

Benefits attained through the use of ExtendSim Teaching a simulation course is always difficult as it always should have the right balance between theory and practice; Prof. El-Kilany manages doing that seamlessly using ExtendSim. ExtendSim helped a lot in visualizing the systems under study.

Various reports generated helped the students to further refine their analysis capabilities and enabled them in identifying and testing improvements to their models. It also helped Prof. El-Kilany in explaining several simulation concepts; such as, random number generation, setting simulation parameters, variance reduction techniques, and comparison of systems.

Without ExtendSim, students would have never understood the importance of such concepts and their application when developing simulation models.

Rather than having a raw theoretical course about simulation with probably some spreadsheet applications of abstract problems, ExtendSim helped students in understanding the essence of simulation practice and theory and helped them in addressing more complex and realistic problems.

This helps in building students' intuition and skills and helps the instructor in conveying model building knowledge in several approaches.

Also, the libraries and blocks are very easy to deal with and develop various models. So, they're expecting more students to enroll for the course at the undergraduate level. El-Kilany, and Aziz E. Sherine Beshara, Khaled S.Case Solution for Delwarca Software Remote Support Unit by Roy D.

Shapiro, Paul E.

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Case Solution for Delwarca Software Remote Support Unit by Roy D. Shapiro, Paul E. Morrison Case Solution for Delwarca Software Remote Support Unit by .

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