Fpm programme at various b schools

The FPM is a full-time, residential, doctoral programme that trains prospective scholars to become highly skilled and innovative researchers and teachers in various aspects of management, be it in academics or for a corporate career. Course Structure The FPM would ordinarily demand four years of residential requirements in two stages.

Fpm programme at various b schools

Batch sizes of Top B-schools T. A strong uptick in the economy is creating huge a employment opportunities for many and MBAs are in the forefront of those who can grab a sizeable share of this pie.

Fpm programme at various b schools

We need not go to town on the very apparent facts given above. However, in the rush to grab opportunities and make it big, one needs to watch out for possible roadblocks.

The fact that a lot of b-schools make exaggerated claims about their and their students' performance only complicates matters further and aspirants end up in a very confusing maze where the chances of making an incorrect decision is pretty high.

Aspirants need to be able to cut through this clutter and identify those b-schools which suit them and help them establish successful careers as managers in the long run.

This is a complex process that needs a lot of research. One needs to get the correct information about the required parameters and then use the information in a meaningful manner by assigning the right amount of importance to each of those parameters. With the objective of empowering our students with both the knowledge and understanding of the important parameters to evaluate b-schools and helping them arrive at the right decision, T.

This list segregates B-Schools into various categories, thereby aiding the students in choosing the set of b-Schools they should apply to.

This list is made using a methodology that has a proven track record of over a decade-and-a-half, after months of extensive research by experts who have over two decades of experience in guiding students on MBA admissions.

In addition to this expertise, we use the strength of our country-wide network of senior faculty members who have been guiding and mentoring students day-in-day-out for years on B-school selection. Read on to understand the various parameters that we look at while formulating this list and understand their importance.

The list itself is available towards the end of the article.

Parameters a Quality of students The quality of students on campus makes a huge difference on account of the interaction that students have with their peers. A significant proportion of the learning at any good b-school happens outside the class and a fairly large part of this comes from peer learning.

A great deal of learning at any b-school is on account of group activities such as assignments and projects. Hence, better the peers, richer is the learning experience.

Some b-schools give weightage to other parameters like academics and work experience. Even at these schools, the cut off marks percentile values in the entrance exams are significantly higher than some of the schools which are in the categories immediately below them.

Hence, cut-offs become a very reliable parameter to judge the quality of b-schools. They are also, justifiably, interested in the quality of the job they would land in and the future prospects that it would bring.

A large number of management institutes boast of a per cent placement record for their students. With management institutes having mushroomed all over the country, these claims should not be taken at face value, and should be scrutinized closely. While these claims may not be outright lies, they could be cleverly camouflaged by projecting numbers arrived at after' requesting some students to drop out of placement process'.

Similarly b-schools claim very high salaries by adding joining bonuses or variable pays. It would be worthwhile to study these numbers carefully and consider the median salaries wherever provided rather than the average salaries arithmetic mean of all salaries as they would give a better picture of how most of the batch was placed.

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Also, having a look at the kind of companies visiting a campus would give one an idea of how industry views the b-school. It also helps in understanding the different industry verticals and roles that the students of the schools are getting into.phd/fpm For the upcoming Phd/FPM admission season of It is expected to provide a platform for discussions pertaining to admission queries, preparation, experiences and guidance related.

Indian Institute of Management (IIM Shillong) is a leading B-School which offers extensive post graduate programs in Management in various disciplines. IIM Shillong offers PGP, PGPEx-MBIC (Managing Business in India and China) for working professionals, and Fellow Program in Management (FPM) in various specializations.

IIM Indore’s student team, The Pure Alpha, consisting of two IPM fifth year students namely Prakhar Gupta and Shrey Singh has won the Nomura Investment Bank Case Study Competition which was held on December 1, Both the team members received MacBook Air as the prize.

The competition was conducted across different B School’s across . Research is an integral part of the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). you will be fervently engaged in research activities across ISB’s 7 areas of specialisation and various centres of excellence in an environment that is stimulating, supportive, and collaborative.

Academic alliances with global B-schools Kellogg, Wharton, LBS. The Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is a doctoral programme, intended to prepare the participants for teaching and research positions both within and outside academia. The programme draws upon Indian and global experience in doctoral education in management and various related fields.

Fpm programme at various b schools

XAT is an all india level entrance test which is held for admission in various PGDM programs such as PGDM in Business Management, PGDM in Human Resource Management, etc offered by XLRI, Jamshedpur and various other management programs offered by + timberdesignmag.com: Private business school.

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