How to write a research review epq 2000

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How to write a research review epq 2000

Although the website provided detailed information on the civil war with many statistics, there was little writing on communism as an ideology and why it began. However the main sources of information include websites that are less reliable in terms of the validity of their information; for example Wikipedia as anyone can change the information on Wikipedia.

Moreover volunteers that may not have any knowledge or experience of gathering information from several sources could lead to misinterpreted information on something outside their expertise. Despite doubts about the reliability of information this website has helped me focus my research to pre period in Nepal.

After reading the material it has pushed me to search on communism during a period when parties were banned Panchyat System in Three Daughters of China as part of my research. Firstly, the novel describes periods of chaos where warlords are always battling each other to gain more land, the invasion of Japanese of Manchuria and how people lived in fear and poverty caused by warlords.

This is before communist ideology became appealing and is during the time where China actually looked up to the west for guidance. However, the novel is retrospective published in and maybe misleading as its written form her point of view.

In contrast to the novel, the information provided by http: One key event that I think had influence in pushing Chinese towards communism is the Chinese Revolution where the Qing Dynasty fell. The articles in the website are written by Office of Historian which includes professional historians, experts in the U.

S foreign Policy and produce official documentation of U. The FAQ section of the website also states that everything had been intensively researched before producing and publishing the documents. Tamura and Linda K. This book is also of high standard with detailed historical accounts that are unbiased.

Chapter 3 of this book; Transforming Society: Chinese Communism, From specifically focuses on the period before and after the emergence of communist Party in China. It therefore provides background information and gives more details on why communism was established and events or situation that led to the formation of the Communist Party.

This information is essential for my EPQ as I try to compare communism in Nepal and China and one of the main area I focus on includes; why was communism accepted by society or why it grew stronger?

At present I have made notes on life under KuomintangJapanese Occupation and after Japanese surrendered end of WW2 for two classes of people: In summary landlords benefited from good economic status, political power and future prospects when China was ruled by Nationalists and Japanese but their future prospects deteriorated as the communist started to gain more influential power after the Japanese surrendered.

how to write a research review epq 2000

On the other hand the peasants suffered from low economic status, no political power and bad future prospects until the communists, when their future prospects started to get better. The book also has more in-depth information on the fall of Qing Dynasty when towards the end there was a push for revolution for instance the days of reform.

It focused on using the west as an example for military strength, economic and educational system reform. This helps me answer the first question of why communism emerged in China as I believe the revolution plays a key role.Dec 08,  · Reader Approved How to Write an Article Review.

Three Parts: Preparing to Write Your Review Writing the Article Review Sample Article Reviews Community Q&A An article review is both a summary and an evaluation of another writer's article. Teachers often assign article reviews to introduce students to the work 90%(). Writing a research question – what makes a good question?

Good questions to ask yourself for all projects include: Is the title likely to lead to a process of planning, research, development and review?

Return form to EPQ coordinator, via form tutor indicating decision to do EPQ. Decide on theme of project - not final title.

Please choose something you are really interested in! Universities do not mind whether your project is related to your A levels or to your intended degree or is not related to either. Oct 02,  · (good video)epq tips and tricks // how to get top grades for the extended project qualification this video contains Writing a Literature Review – A Brief Introduction 1 This guidance has been complied using various sources including resources from the University of Leicester, the University of Toronto and the University of Melbourne.

This guidance is aimed primarily at the scope of a Literature Review that would be found in an EPQ. Stephen Jones, Warden Stephen Jones joined St Edward’s in September as the 13th Warden; he was previously Headmaster at Dover College.

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