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These stores might have these private labeled batteries made by several manufacturers depending on the location to reduce shipping costs or to provide different types or sizes of batteries. Contracts with manufacturers might change. Below is an alphabetical list of some of the hundreds of global battery manufacturers, joint ventures, distributors, and major dealers with some of their brand names, trademarks, private labels and contact information. The battery manufacturers are in bold type.

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Play media F Tomcat flight demonstration video The F Tomcat was designed as both an air superiority fighter and a long-range naval interceptor, [32] [33] [34] which enabled it to both serve as escort attack aircraft when armed with Sparrow missiles and fleet air defense loitering interceptor role when armed with Phoenix missiles.

It features variable geometry wings that swing automatically during flight. For high-speed intercept, they are swept back and they swing forward for lower speed flight. The twin engines are housed in widely spaced nacelles. The flat area of the fuselage between the nacelles is used to contain fuel and avionics systems, such as the wing-sweep mechanism and flight controls, as well as weaponry since the wings were not used for carrying ordnance.

Such an aircraft would typically be diverted from an aircraft carrier to a land base if an incident did occur. The F has flown safely with an asymmetrical wing-sweep during testing, and was deemed able to land aboard a carrier if needed in an emergency.

This had two benefits. The first was that weaponry could be fitted on a pylon on the fixed wing glove, liberating the wings from having swiveling pylons fitted, a feature which had proven to add significant drag on the FB.

When carrying four Phoenix missiles or other heavy stores between the engines this advantage was lost and maneuverability was reduced in those configurations. Two triangular shaped retractable surfaces, called glove vanes, were originally mounted in the forward part of the wing glove, and could be automatically extended by the flight control system at high Mach numbers.

They were used to generate additional lift force ahead of the aircraft's center of gravitythus helping to compensate for mach tuck at supersonic speeds.

Automatically deployed at above Mach 1. They were later disabled, however, owing to their additional weight and complexity. The bottom surface is split into left and right halves, the tailhook hangs between the two halves, an arrangement sometimes called the "castor tail". De Laval nozzles were also fitted to the engine's exhaust.

An FD prepares to refuel with probe extended. The performance of the TF30 engine became an object of criticism. John LehmanSecretary of the Navy in the s, told the U. A high frequency of turbine blade failures led to the reinforcement of the entire engine bay to limit damage from such failures.

The engines also had proved to be extremely prone to compressor stallswhich could easily result in loss of control, severe yaw oscillations, and could lead to an unrecoverable flat spin.

At specific altitudes, exhaust produced by missile launches could cause an engine compressor stall. This led to the development of a bleed system that temporarily blocks the frontal intake ramp and reduces engine power during missile launch.

With the TF30, the F's overall thrust-to-weight ratio at maximum takeoff weight is around 0. It comprised a double nosewheel and widely spaced single main wheels. There were no hardpoints on the sweeping parts of the wings, and so all the armament is fitted on the belly between the air intake ramps and on pylons under the wing gloves.

Only the pilot has flight controls ; the flight instruments themselves are of a hybrid analog-digital nature.

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Cruise missiles are also possible targets with the AWG-9, which can lock onto and track small objects even at low altitude when in Pulse-Doppler mode. Global Positioning System later was integrated to provide more precise navigation and redundancy in case either system failed.

The RWR system consisted of several antennas on the aircraft's fuselage, which could roughly calculate both direction and distance of enemy radar users; it could also differentiate between search radar, tracking radar, and missile-homing radar.

The radar and the AAX-1 were linked, allowing the one detector to follow the direction of the other. The F was designed to combat highly maneuverable aircraft as well as the Soviet anti-ship cruise missile and bomber Tupolev TuTupolev TuTupolev TuM threats.

Operationally, the capability to hold up to six Phoenix missiles was never used, although early testing was conducted; there was never a threat requirement to engage six hostile targets simultaneously and the load was too heavy to safely recover aboard an aircraft carrier in the event that the missiles were not fired.

Navy, both over Iraq in[51] [52] [53] but the missiles did not score any kills.

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Two Iranian Tomcats equipped with multiple missiles, circain the midst of a project to adapt I-Hawk surface-to-air missiles for Fs [54] Iran made use of the Phoenix system, claiming dozens of kills with it during the — Iran—Iraq War. Due to shortage of air-to-air missiles, Iran tried to use other missiles on the Tomcat.

The modified missiles were successfully tested in and one or two were used in combat, but the project was abandoned due to guidance to officer j l m hutchison.

vf cond. military obe, 1st type, qsa 3 bars, cc, ofs, trans, lieutenant j l mck, hutchison 2nd dragoons. ksa 2 bars to same engraved naming .

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