Muslim migrants in south india a

Immigration data does not necessarily mean permanent immigration. Depending on the countries reporting system temporary workers may be included. All data are by nationality, not country of birth. Census data reveals that the India-born population in the United Kingdom tripled fromin toin

Muslim migrants in south india a

He was among the thousands Muslim migrants in south india a accepted as refugees and housed in camps in several states including Karnataka. The son went on to get a doctorate and win an Outstanding Young Indian award. Not all refugees from former East Pakistan or their children—there are some 20, in Karnataka—are as lucky as Prasen, but they at least have a country they call their own.

And now meet Nurul Islam. He has been paying taxes and has all possible documents to support his citizenship. File image Reuters What do the two examples show, on the face of it? India wants Hindus but not Muslims from Bangladesh.

If a Hindu came here to escape Muslim tormentors in Bangladesh he is welcome. If a Muslim came here to find a job, he is a foreigner, even if he stayed long enough to produce children and grandchildren here.

Before a joint House Committee now, the Bill seeks to grant citizenship to non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan after six years of staying in India instead of the statutory 12 years without the necessary documents.

Muslim migrants in south india a

Without a doubt, the Bill is a blatantly partisan move, a brazen violation of the fundamental principles of a modern civilisation and the tenets of a fair democracy that India claims to be or must strive to be.

And the social media is filled with poisonous gibberish about Muslim migrants jeopardising national security.

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It takes the most depraved kind of creative imagination to even suspect that lakhs of Muslims crossed the border into Assam with the sole intention of exploding bombs and killing Indians. Madness in other states In the aftermath of the shambolic NRC farce, repugnant voices against Bangladeshi immigrants are being heard in many states with renewed viciousness.

Bigoted theories about an entire lot of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators being part of nefarious crimes including terrorism floated even earlier, are now being circulated with an even more perverted sense of righteousness.

But the agitators never distinguished between Hindus and Muslims among the migrants. And the Left, with its own fake communist ideology and a depraved sense of justice, was noncommittal.

The Assam Accord of that then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi reached with the agitators meant that the foreigners who moved in on or after 25 March, would be expelled. The tragedy now centres around two things: Deciding in to deport Bangladeshis who entered India after was probably practical at that time.

But after allowing them—be they Hindus or Muslims—to stay on for so long, and now branding them as foreigners by sticking to the same cut-off date is a travesty of natural justice that has few parallels in the world. And what makes this inhumane exercise even more unacceptable is the targeting of Muslim migrants with the help of a Bill that seems to be a cheap tit-for-tat against Bangladesh kicking Hindus out in the past.

Your Muslims, our Hindus?

Muslim Migrants in South India a Study on Malabar

The proportion of Hindus in Bangladesh dwindled from 28 percent in to 13 percent in and then to about nine now. Clearly, most, if not all, of them found homes in Assam and West Bengal. Muslim-majority districts in Assam went up from six in to nine in All this can in no way legitimise a retaliatory action to throw out Muslim migrants from India—not after so long in any case.

Wayne Parnell is a recent convert to Islam and his being Muslim is not a product to Indian ancestry, and the support of Indian migrants of the game of Cricket in South Africa. Why do Muslim migrants prefer Christian countries over Islamic countries? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 31 Answers. The only Christian countries which have violence are in south America - due to drugs. Muslim migrants prefer safe countries - developed and clean countries - most or all of them are Christian value countries. Why do Muslim. India has had a long history with migration, especially across the eastern border. After India attained independence, immigration assumed a political dimension and reports of migrants posing a threat to national security have surfaced over the years. Usually a topic not acknowledged by most.

There may be some merit to the argument that a migrant persecuted for religious reasons—like the Bangladeshi Hindu forced into India—deserves more sympathy than a Muslim who illegally crossed the border for a job. But 47 years after he found that job?

The author tweets sprasadindia Updated Date: Aug 06, The migration of the Arab Syed and Sufis to the coastal Malabar triggered the rapid changes in the Muslim community of the land. The settlement of the Syed families from the Arab world in early centuries moulded a virtuous Arab settlement in South India.

Muslim proselytisers in Malabar: It is a disputed point when Islam originated in Kerala. The Coming Of Islam To South Asia In these early centuries, the coming of Islam brought little change for most of the inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent.

In fact, in many areas Muslim migrants to the subcontinent held to their own, quite distinctive religious beliefs and rituals.

The Hindus found Islam. Wayne Parnell is a recent convert to Islam and his being Muslim is not a product to Indian ancestry, and the support of Indian migrants of the game of Cricket in South Africa. All this can in no way legitimise a retaliatory action to throw out Muslim migrants from India—not after so long in any case.

Muslim migrants in south india a

Modern democracies aren’t driven by eye-for-eye policies. South Africa in Sri Lanka, Only T20 International, SL Vs SA.

Sri Lanka beat South Africa by 3 wickets. South Africa in Sri Lanka, 5 ODI Series, The former is leading a supremacist right-wing government in India and spearheading a refugee policy that institutionalizes discrimination against Muslim migrants.

The Muhajir people (also spelled The term Muhajirs generally refers to those Muslim migrants from India who settled in urban Sindh.

Etymology. The Urdu term muhājir A sizable community of Malayali Muslims (the Mappila), originally from Kerala in South India, also settled in Karachi.

India is a top source and destination for world's migrants | Pew Research Center