Prisoners of war comparison

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Prisoners of war comparison A prisoner of war can be defined as somebody who is captured or imprisoned by the enemy during an act of war. Anybody can be a prisoner of war, even an eight year old civilian who is simply caught in the crossfire. It Is explored In both texts through the unjust treatment of the characters due to their race, gender, religion or other characteristics.

Prisoners of war comparison

But not everyone is entitled to be outraged. Little more than a year ago, there were other prisoners of war. As United States forces swept victoriously through Afghanistan, they seized hundreds of men. These prisoners were transported to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

They were blindfolded and shackled. And their plight was gloatingly recorded by official U. The treatment of American prisoners of war in Iraq is in flagrant breach of the Geneva Convention. But so is the treatment of Afghani prisoners in Camp X-Ray.

It has admitted that almost all the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were tortured. There is no difference between breaches of the Geneva Convention committed by America and Iraq.

But the White House thinks there is, the paper charged. Rumsfeld says it's "illegal to do things to POWs that are humiliating to those prisoners". And a White House spokesman said Monday there is a difference between the war on terrorism and "this additional conflict" in Iraq.

In other words, this U.

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It can do what it likes and expects others to do what it likes, too, according to the Mirror. They had been incarcerated, humiliated and abused for more than a year.

Yet, now the U. Casting deep doubts over the declared U. It defied international law. It invaded a sovereign state simply because it wanted to and had the military might.

A crusade to rid the world of a tyrannical, bloodthirsty despot. Yet, just about every rule and law that could be broken by the U.

Prisoners of war comparison

He has allied himself with a White House administration that steamrollers over all opposition, defying the rules and ignoring the relationships that could make this a better world.

And some of its worst excesses can be eased by applying rules of decency and civilization. That way lies anarchy and the collapse of civilization.

Article 13 of the third convention, concerning the treatment of prisoners, insists that they "must at all times be protected This may number among the less heinous of the possible infringements of the laws of war, but the conventions, ratified by Iraq inare non-negotiable.

If you break them, you should expect to be prosecuted for war crimes. For this enthusiastic convert to the cause of legal warfare is, as head of the defense department, responsible for a series of crimes sufficient, were he ever to be tried, to put him away for the rest of his natural life.

They were kneeling on the ground, hands tied behind their backs, wearing blacked-out goggles and earphones. In breach of article 18, they had been stripped of their own clothes and deprived of their possessions.

Article 17 rules that captives are obliged to give only their name, rank, number and date of birth. In the hope of breaking them, however, the authorities have confined them to solitary cells and subjected them to what is now known as "torture lite": Unsurprisingly, several of the prisoners have sought to kill themselves, by smashing their heads against the walls or trying to slash their wrists with plastic cutlery.

Prisoners of war comparison

The same claim could be made, with rather more justice, by the Iraqis holding the US soldiers who illegally invaded their country. Convoy of Death records, some hundreds, possibly thousands, of them were loaded into container lorries at Qala-i-Zeini, near the town of Mazar-i-Sharif, on November 26 and There were U.S.

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