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Notice must be given to the airport operator or air traffic control tower, if the airport has a tower. Tap or click on an airspace area to see the airport operator phone number. Heliports This layer indicates a 5-mile radius around designated heliports.

Questions airspace

Questions airspace

The hottest Dance Music from around the world. Our website for the most part has stayed the same with only a few cosmetic changes here and there to make your experience more enjoyable….

There are a number of reasons for this change, the biggest is staying current with changes in website design code in order to effortlessly remain searchable not just on your home computer but on your mobile devices. We at The KCOR Digital Radio Network are always staying ahead of the coming technology changes especially on the way browser will now be indexing and ranking websites.

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One of the biggest changes coming is going to be to the way we archive our shows. Over the past three years, we have kindly allowed access to our archives for FREE.

The hope was to develop a listener base that would support the shows with monthly donation via our website. Our hosts pay monthly to broadcast on our network and put hours of work in to supplying you with great guests and content. In addition, because we have to charge our host to keep our monthly operating cost under check, we turn away weekly new shows that want to make the switch over to our network.


We currently have over 50 shows and growing on our waiting list wanting to join our broadcast family if in the future we can offer free airtime. Those hosts that have chosen to keep their show archives FREE will continue paying for our service and their listeners will still be able to access their show archive Questions airspace via our site for FREE just with a bit different look on our new site.

Those hosts that have opted for the subscription based show archives, their listeners will have to subscribe, pay a monthly fee, and log on in order to access the archived section. We will be proposing a small monthly fee for access to those shows but that small fee covers you not just for one show but also for all the shows including some additional content not available to our regular listeners.

The small monthly fee will hopefully allow us to offer those shows as well as an array of others the ability to be part of our broadcast family for FREE as this fee will help offset the operating cost of the network.

In addition, if our subscriptions exceed our operation cost it will allow us the ability to hire additional staff, build a new studio and even pay our hosts for their time and hard work. A win — win not just for the Network, its hosts, but also for our ever growing listeners worldwide.

Questions airspace

More details including the launch and pricing coming in the near future. We are also working on an array of items, KCOR Swag you could say, that will be available in our new store for purchase. These items with not just be KCOR related but also branded for each individual show so you can show your support for the Network as well as its host around town.

As well, we are working on a mobile unit not just for our Las Vegas area, but that will allow us to travel to different conferences and interact even more with our global listeners as well as allow us the ability to broadcast live from any location. Availability of airtime changes regularly and we highly value the relationships we build with the hosts and shows in our markets both locally and nationally.

We offer three different price options at the Network, but our subject to formatting requirements for the network so please make sure to read the description carefully. Once you purchase airtime with us, it is our goal to ensure you receive the highest level of professional service and support to ensure your program airs as requested and that each week your viewers know they can listen to the program as expected.

We do not pre-empt your program for higher paying clients or adjust our schedules in a way that effects your programming. Our goal is to ensure a long, profitable, and successful relationship between both the Network and the host s collaborating with us to reach our audience with your message locally in the Vegas Market as well as Worldwide.

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With the KCOR Digital Radio Network, you can promote your brand with confidence through superior placements and sponsorship opportunities across our web and mobile channels, as well as through are network of publishers, broadcasters, and corporate websites.

The KCOR Digital Radio Network is constantly expanding and growing its footprint within the digital world not just locally in Las Vegas, NV but also around the world with thousands of listeners worldwide in over different countries.Quiz: Do You Know Your Airspace?

As they say, nothing is for certain except death, taxes, and airspace. Whether you fly big iron through the flight levels, or go low and slow below the radar, you must be familiar with all the airspace you might encounter on any given flight.

airspace related questions: How many different methods are there for obtaining an authorization? A person can choose to file for an airspace authorization (1) on the FAA’s authorization portal or (2) they can choose to go through the LAANC system.

Three years ago, AirMap announced its partnership with DJI to bring accurate, real-time airspace information to millions of drone operators around the world so that they could fly safely and with confidence through DJI’s geofencing system GEO. Airspace modernization in Europe will create massive benefits for Europe’s citizens.

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OREGON AIRSPACE INITIATIVE Frequently Asked Questions 1 of 4 Q: What is a Military Operations Area (MOA)? A MOA is a block of airspace where aircraft can .

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