The characteristics of the hallmarks of

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The characteristics of the hallmarks of

This list was compiled from professional literature which is referenced at the end. Professionals and researchers do not all agree on the characteristics that define apraxia and some of those listed below may also be present in children with other severe speech sound disorders.

Although the child may be able to produce sounds perfectly by themselves, he or she may make errors on these same sounds when combining them in longer units like words or phrases.

The characteristics of the hallmarks of

Initial and final consonant deletion, cluster reduction, syllable omissions, substitutions and distortions speech errors in children with apraxia of speech are often referred to as inconsistent or unpredictable Increase in errors with increase length of utterance, including problems producing multisyllabic words Voicing errors i.

Children with apraxia of speech can confuse or substitute these. Errors vary with the complexity of articulatory adjustment. Articulatory adjustments means the extent to which the articulators—lips, tongue, etc. Groping, trial and error behavior, struggling to deliver speech. The child in this struggle may make sound prolongations, repetitions, or silent posturing.

Or the child may use short sounds or words repeatedly, using the time to try and find the motor position for the next sound or word he or she wants to make. Slow rate and incorrect sequencing, called diadochokinesis. The child may get the sequence right the first time, but on subsequent attempts it will break down and the rate will be slowed.

Prosody is the melody of speech and includes rate, stress, pauses, and intonation. Children with apraxia of speech may speak too slow or too fast.

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They may not put stress on the correct syllables. Their voices may sound monotone. Oral apraxia sometimes, but not always, can accompany verbal apraxia. Oral apraxia is the impaired ability to, on command, perform nonspeech tasks like puffing out cheeks, licking lips, protruding tongue, puckering lips, etc.

Apraxia of speech may occur in isolation or in combination with other speech and language problems. Most typically, children will exhibit a number of problems that contribute to their difficulty with speech.

Sometimes these children are described as awkward, uncoordinated, or clumsy.

Characteristics of Childhood Apraxia of Speech

They may have difficulty organizing and coordinating fine motor skills too. Some parents report that their child may have sensory problems, poor body awareness, dislike toothbrushing, or seem sensitive to touch in their facial area.

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