Thesis glossary of terms

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Thesis glossary of terms

Creation of an academic area is approved by the Vice-Chancellor or University Council. Academic board Academic Board is tasked with ensuring the University maintains the highest standards in teaching, scholarship and research.

The Board reviews academic policy recommendations, approves degrees and other awards and provides a forum to facilitate information flow and debate within the University and between the senior executive officers of the University and the wider academic community.

It was formally re-established by Council in February and is a Thesis glossary of terms requirement under the threshold standards regulated by TEQSA.

In particular, the words, ideas, scholarship and intellectual property of others used in the work must be appropriately acknowledged. Work includes not only written material, but in addition any oral, numerical, audio, visual or other material submitted for assessment.

Breaches of academic integrity include plagiarism, collusion, the fabrication of deliberate misrepresentation of data, and failure to adhere to the rules regarding examinations in such a way as to gain unfair academic advantage.

Academic organisation unit AOU An academic are which the University uniquely identifies to the Commonwealth as providing one or more courses.

Academic plan An academic plan is a distinct structured sequence of study and set of requirements for completing study for an award. There are four types of plans: Difference academic plans typically lead to different awards and determine the nomenclature that appears on testamurs for those awards.

Students enrolled in a single degree program follow one plan at a time. Students enrolled in a combined degree program follow two plans at a time.

Accreditation of a plan requires approval of the Academic Board. Academic program An academic program is a grouping of one or more academic plans around a particular theme, award, or set of admission requirements.

Bachelor of Science program includes an academic plan leading to BSc Hons award. Every program has a default plan. Students admitted into a program are initially enrolled in the default plan and students may apply to move between plans. Accreditation of a program requires the approval of the Academic Board.

Academic progress Students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate coursework awards in ANU colleges are expected to maintain satisfactory results. This includes academic standards required for scholarship conditions. Academic progress committee The Committee is established under subrule 16 1 of the ANU Academic Progress Rules and oversees decision making in cases of unsatisfactory academic progress.

Academic requirement A requirement placed on a course that determines whether enrolment may be permitted.

Thesis glossary of terms

It may consist of a pre-requisite, co-requisite, or incompatibility. Academic standard A level of student learning that is assessed through specified learning outcomes and about which there is consensus within the relevant disciplinary community.

Academic transcript See transcript of academic record entry. Academic year The academic year refers to the ANU academic calendar. The academic year is divided into sessions usually of a fixed duration during which courses are conducted.

Courses may be taken over one or more sessions. The academic year is defined by two six month periods. Higher degree research students are enrolled in semesters and research quarters which map to the coursework sessions. Accelerated learning Where a student takes greater than a standard load of 24 units 0.

Admission Entry to an award program or non-award study at the University. Advisor For research students this is a member of the supervisory panel whose responsibilities include providing additional expertise on or related to the research topic, providing wider contact within and outside the University - advising, at the student's request, on any matters relating to the program, including difficulties in the relationship with other panel members.

Agent An intermediary who is authorised by another party known as the principal to do something on that party's behalf e. Alignment The way in which certain curriculum elements, learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities and assessment, are interdependent.

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Implementation of a successfully aligned curriculum ensures that students are taught the material they need to know to complete the tasks set for summative assessment.

The assessment strategy is designed to provide the teacher with the evidence they need to make an informed judgment about how well students have achieved the stated learning outcome. Annual plan Initially due three months after commencement of a research program, then annually with the annual report, it is an articulation of research goals for the coming year.

Annual report A report for research students of research completed in the past 12 months. Any impediments to completing on time should be noted in the annual report. Annualised kilometres The number of kilometres the car would have travelled if you had it for for the whole year.

Use the following formula to calculate an annualised figure:The following is a list of literary terms; that is, those words used in discussion, classification, criticism, and analysis of poetry, novels, and picture books.

An Educator's Guide to Critical Thinking Terms and Concepts. clarify: To make easier to understand, to free from confusion or ambiguity, to remove timberdesignmag.comy is a fundamental perfection of thought and clarification a fundamental aim in critical thinking.

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A thesis is a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved. Means and Ends The dialectic of Means and Ends is of deep historical, ethical and political significance. The “Means” is the activity a subject engages in with the intention of bringing about a certain “End.”.

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