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Thesis libreria palermo

Papabili[ edit ] The cardinals anticipated a long conclave. The conservative, supporting Vatican centralization of authority, Giuseppe Siri of Genoa was only 52 and his election would have meant another long papacy like that of Pius. The liberal, more disposed to granting independence to local authorities, Giacomo Lercaro of Bologna was Approaching 77, his age marked him as a possible compromise choice in expectation of a short pontificate, along with his "reputation for being broad-minded and conciliatory".

Benedetto Masellathe year-old chosen as camerlengo on 9 October, [1] a veteran diplomat, was also mentioned as a compromise candidate with "his chances diminished because of his age". On that occasion he named 24 cardinals. State Department at the request of the College of Cardinals. Balloting[ edit ] The cardinals were required to set the starting date of the conclave between the 15th and 18th days following the death of the pope, no earlier than 24 October and no later than 27 October.

The voting patterns in the conclave are hard to establish, but some information is consistently reported.

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Identified as a group with a particular interest, French cardinals were thought to seek greater independence from Rome and Stefan Wyszynski of Poland was thought to be their ally. Four ballots on the second day proved inconclusive.

Both times the smoke that reported the results of the morning and afternoon ballots appeared white at first, leading to excited false reports that the election was over.

Requests from a doctor inside the conclave for medical records suggested several cardinals were ill. A name sweet to Us because it is the name of Our father, dear to Us because it is the name of the humble parish church where We received baptism, the solemn name of numberless cathedrals scattered throughout the world, and in the first place of the most holy Lateran Church, Our Cathedral.

A name that in the extremely ancient series of Roman Pontiffs has the primacy of plurality. Twenty-two Johns of indisputable legitimacy are numbered among the Supreme Pontiffs, and almost all had a brief pontificate.

Thesis libreria palermo

We have preferred to hide the smallness of Our name behind this magnificent succession of Roman Pontiffs. This indicated that John would include him when he first named cardinals.

Pope John appeared on the balcony of St. At his request, the cardinals did not leave their enclosure but remained in conclave overnight. The conclave ended the next day after Mass in the Sistine Chapel and an address by Pope John to the cardinals which was broadcast on radio.

He set the date of his coronation for 4 November, sooner than is traditional and a Tuesday rather than the traditional Sunday, perhaps because it was the feast of Saint Charles Borromeowhom Roncalli had made the subject of a five-volume study.

Ignoring the longstanding maximum of 70 members, he increased the size of the College to 74 members. There was confusion prior to the final election concerning the smoke and who was really elected pope.

While Siri was a favourite for election before the conclave, he failed to secure enough votes from traditionalist cardinals once the conclave started, because at 52 a long pontificate would have been anticipated, and his election would have likely prevented other cardinals who wished to be pope from being elected.

In Summi Ponitificis electioissued on 5 Septemberhe laid out additional rules for impressing all participants with the need for secrecy, even warning the cardinals about communications with their staff paragraph XIV. His one practical modification reversed his predecessor. Pius XII had required a vote of two-thirds plus one for election.- Exposición grupal “Palermo Viejo” de Librería Thesis - Exposición grupal “Borges ” - Exposición grupal – Taller Maxi Bagnasco en Galeria Il .

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