Timber business plan

During their second meeting the Task Force agreed that a secure source of timber supply was the number one priority to address. However, it soon became clear that the timber supply problem was one of many dimensions. Not only was physical supply an issue, but the way in which timber was made available, the species and grade of the wood supply, and the ability to plan for the orderly accumulation and processing of the timber were all of critical importance to the industry.

Timber business plan

Pinterest Email Finding a supplier of timber is the hardest part, so you will have to do your homework. Start a Timber Business Do you want to start a timber business?

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Well, you should be aware that this is a huge undertaking. To ensure success, you will have to begin with a detailed and comprehensive business plan. You can do this by studying the market and if there is a need for timber business.

Evaluate the competition in your region and determine if the business is viable. If you can prove this, then you have a great business idea that will allow you to earn great profits in the future. In a timber business, you will sell timber to residential as well as commercial establishments.

They will be your primary customers. The problem usually lies with the source of timber. You need to find a supplier for your inventory. This will cost you a considerable sum of money but if you are going to purchase from one supplier only, you can negotiate for a lower price.

timber business plan

You can use the internet to find a potential supplier with positive track records. Never get your inventory from illegal suppliers because you can also be sued, just in case a problem arises.

You can inquire at the concerned local agency to determine the zoning requirements for this type of business. A business license is also necessary to operate a legit business.

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The location of the business should have ample room in the back for storage of timber and a space for the office where you will entertain your customers. When you have already arranged the business location, you can now hire extra staffs to help you with the day to day operations.

Advertise the business to your target market. You can do this by posting ads on bulleting boards and in other public areas where it is allowed.


Give away business cards to potential clients and if you can maintain a business site, the better so that you can also advertise online. Start a timber business in your area and if possible, you can also coordinate with other timber business owners so that you can conduct your business with ease.stabilize the timber industry with businesses that have a plan for environmental and economic sustainability: Renewable energy production at current or new Montana wood-processing facilities.

In a carbon-constrained world renewable, carbon-neutral, energy production is a valuable asset.

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Link community-managed forests to wood businesses. Timber is one of the items that is on high demand due to the rapid increase in construction activities in Kenya, making it a very profitable business.

Are you about starting a timber harvesting business? If YES, here is a complete sample timber harvesting business plan template & feasibility report you can use FREE. 04 | Business Plan For timber transport to be sustainable it must contribute to economic activity in the forestry and timber industries while at the same time relating positively to local communities, the environment and our.

A Sample Timber Harvesting Business Plan Template

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timber business plan

How to. discussing the process of timber sale planning and forest products marketing. You may have decided to harvest and market your timber because: • it is recommended in your forest management plan • your timber needs to be salvaged after storm, insect, disease, or fire damage • improve forest health.

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