Uic mba personal statement

English proficiency requirements may apply dependent upon the country in which the degree was earned.

Uic mba personal statement

Director of Graduate Studies: Alan Malter Program Codes: The program aims to produce marketing professionals prepared to work in the full range of marketing careers, including brand marketing, digital marketing, marketing communications, and marketing research and analytics.

The theory and practice of making retailing decisions regarding pricing, product, place and promotion, and the development of strategy based on market competition and trends.

Introduction to data-centered analysis for critical aspects of marketing, such as sales forcasting, profitibility analysis, market segmentation, promotion budgeting, and database marketing.

Understanding consumer decision processes; steps in decision making, including need recognition, perception, cognition and attitude formation; effect of environmental social, psychological, and individual difference factors on consumer decision making.

An investigation of the gathering, analyses and interpretation of information used in solving marketing problems. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed in developing an analytical framework.

Marketing Channels and E-Commerce. Develop an integrated distribution system; relationship to firm's marketing structure logistics ; evaluation of decisions on sources, plant and warehouse location, domestic and int'l outlets.

Business Administration students must have declared a major, or have received consent of the instructor. Strategic Marketing Planning and Management.

Development of marketing plans for strategic and tactical programs to achieve the firm's marketing objectives. Treats the topic of domestic marketing systems in other countries, their structures and processes, in a framework of comparative cultural, political, economic, and social systems.

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Business Administration students must have declared a major. Market and Business Intelligence.

Uic mba personal statement

Provides knowledge of critical concepts and tools in market and business intelligence research. Students will learn to use market and business intelligence to gain market and competitive insights and support marketing decision making.

Extensive computer use required. Advanced knowledge of critical concepts and tools in marketing research related to problem identification, data collection, and analysis in conventional and digital media.

The strategic and tactical marketing of goods and services to countries beyond domestic or current markets.

Uic mba personal statement

Distinct economic, socio-cultural, and political-legal-regulatory environments are considered. Examination of how firms can connect with consumers to build, measure, leverage and protect strong brands.Personal Statement Required; words; the statement should address the applicant’s interests and qualifications, including research interests and the impact this work is expected to have on the applicant’s career.

A specific statement format is available in the application packet.

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The report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: crime prevention, public safety authority, crime reporting policies, fire safety, disciplinary procedures, and fire statistics in UIC residential facilities and crime statistics for the three previous calendar years.

UIC is located in the heart of Chicago, an architecturally and culturally dynamic city of nearly three million people and home to Fortune companies such as Boeing, United Airlines, and Caterpillar. The personal statement provides you with the opportunity to discuss your career goals and why you think the UIC Liautaud program is a good fit.

Guidelines are provided in the online application. Executive MBA Employments. An overview of contemporary marketing communication and promotional mix tools and their integration, which include media advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, interactive media, and personal selling.

Personal Statement: The personal statement provides you with the opportunity to discuss your career goals and why you think the UIC Liautaud program is a good fit. .

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