Weeding among the sodo gurages

Here is our list of the best places to start your search.

Weeding among the sodo gurages

Here is our list of the best places to start your search. The Ethiopian Jewish wedding celebration lasts for seven days. Prior to the wedding ceremony the bride is decorated with henna on palms, feet and fingernails. Before the official ceremony, the groom and his family build a hut which is blessed by the cahenet i.

On the day of the wedding, the purity ceremony, known as the kesherah is performed. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride stays in her new home with her groom and everyone else on her side of the family leaves. A priest may be present. Divorce is allowed and must also be negotiated. Priests may marry but not eligible for divorce or remarriage.

To enhance the beauty of the Karo bride, her abdomen is tattooed with different symbols. The Karo man can have as many wives as he can afford.

Traditional Wedding in Ethiopia

Usually he has two or three wives. Often arranged by parents of the bride and groom with a great deal of negotiation According to tradition, bride must be virgin when marriage takes place Virginity is highly valued in Christian traditions Incest is forbidden Parents investigate five generations among bride and groom families to establish there is no blood line When both families begin preparing feast for the wedding during which many guests are invited.

On wedding day, the ceremony begins by: The mother collects the milk to make some butter that will be presented to the groom on the wedding night. After the declaration of the initial approval between the bride and the groom, the engagement is declared in the presence of the tribal leaders and the Sheikhs.

The mother of the bride hands the groom buttermilk to drink. This is a sign of her approval and satisfaction with the future husband of her daughter. He helps him in any type of work that he made need or want to be assisted in.

The mother of the bride stores honey, wheat and many different items for her daughter during the engagement period. On the wedding day, the father of the bride presents cows, sheep, honey, wheat and many other treats, demonstrating to the crowd what he has prepared for his daughter.

The notables and the tribal leaders reply to this by showing their acceptance.

Weeding among the sodo gurages

Then the bride walks to her house, where food is served. However, the groom eats only from a special dish prepared by the mother of the bride, again as a sign of approval. She also offers buttermilk to him as well as to his closest friends. When she offers the buttermilk, the groom takes it, then hands her coffee seeds.

He also gives an amount of money to the cousin and the aunt of the bride. Towards the end of the ceremony, guests line up in two lines, through which the bride walks toward her new home in an atmosphere of singing and chanting.

Ethiopian Wedding Ceremony

Arranged marriages are the norm, although this practice is becoming much less common, especially in urban areas. The amount is not fixed and varies with the wealth of the families. The dowry may include livestock, money, or other socially valued items.

The elders are traditionally the individuals who decide when and where the ceremony takes place. A great deal of food is prepared for the occasion, especially meat dishes.SODO GURAGES Wedding Ceremony On the wedding day, the bride wears only under clothes and mantle and is kept behind curtain waiting for the arrival of her bridegroom.

At mid- day, with his cloak on and wearing white muslin on his head the groom accompanied by his best men and friends rides on a horse back to his parents-in-law where he and the. Strategy (scheme, approach or a line of attack) is the projection of intelligence into the sphere of action.

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Tiffeny Sammons Kate Schultz Composition 1 # NA 17 July Greek Wedding Traditions I chose to focus my report on the observation of Greek Wedding traditions.

Geographical grouping among the Gurage is often different from linguistic grouping although this is not the case for the Chaha. (unless there are children who can do this), and going to market to buy and sell.

Ploughing, planting and weeding are men's tasks as are preparing wood for fuel and selling men's goods. Among the Sodo Gurage. In this short essay I have described wedding in Sodo Gurages, indicating activities before and after the wedding, starting from marriage proposal.

And I understood that, there are great similarities in the wedding ceremony among different ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

SODO GURAGES. Most marriages among the Sodo Gurages are arranged. The parents shape and control the lives of their children, not just up to a certain age, but until the children are married and leave the parental home.

All Ethiopian tribes.