Who are the winners and who

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Who are the winners and who

Fallout from Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court One of the closest confirmation votes in the Senate's history followed a bitter battle marked by uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault and unprecedented scrutiny of Brett Kavanaugh's high school and college behavior.

The election impact may be a split outcome. In four states where Democratic Senators are running for re-election, Trump and his Supreme Court pick are popular.

The Winners

The confirmation of Kavanaugh could inflame suburban women, who will play a key role in deciding whether or not the GOP can defend 25 seats won by Hillary Clinton in Take Southern California, where Democrats are currently leading or tied in four Orange County districts Clinton carried but which also elected a Republican in A Democratic poll released Wednesday found that women in the four Orange County seats said they would be less likely to vote Republican if Kavanaugh was confirmed.

But as John Nolte of Breitbart. He has proceeded to do precisely that with his two additions to the Supreme Court and dozens of appointees to lower courts. He also has convinced Republicans that they have a common adversary in the left, and that should override concerns about his erratic governing style.

He is retiring this year. But despite some ridicule and anger, it appears he will emerge with more pluses than minuses.

It allowed additional time for the less credible allegations against Kavanaugh to collapse. It produced no new incriminating evidence against him. Flake is known to be considering a primary challenge to President Trump in And here are the losers: He wound up being blamed by many Democrats for helping them lose momentum and making opposition to Kavanaugh appear to be part of a partisan pile on.

FBI The law enforcement agency is under attack now from both the right and the left.

These were the biggest winners and losers from the action.

Democrats now complain the FBI bungled its initial background checks of Kavanaugh and then, when they were asked to reopen them, the bureau bowed to White House pressure to make them narrow and prefunctory. Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine is now a hero to conservatives, an unusual position for someone who cast a key vote against repeal of ObamaCare last year.

She will need that support in if she chooses to seek re-election. Change Research, a Democratic polling firm, found that 50 percent of voters are now less likely to support Collins because of her vote for confirmation. But memories do fade in politics.

But, with the exception of Democrat Alan Dixon who faced a primary only five months after the Hill controversy, no supporter of Thomas lost.

Who are the winners and who

She actually lost the GOP primary, but bounced back and won re-election as a write-in that fall. She could repeat that feat again, switch parties and become a Democrat, or run as an independent. The media The mainstream media already had credibility problems before the Kavanaugh hearings.

They were made worse by many reporters who credulously reported the accusations of Christine Ford and others without properly scrutinizing them. Relations between men and women are now even more fraught with tension and suspicion after a year of the MeToo movement.

Many Americans might now think women are less likely to be believed if they come forward with accounts of sexual assault, while others will fear that some men will be accused unfairly of false or exaggerated incidents in cases where the truth is unlikely to be ever firmly established.

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Who are the winners and who

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