Writing about christmas day

Reddit Shares Through journaling, students stretch the limits of their minds and their writing skills. These 54 new journal prompts are all about Christmas—and they are sure to please everyone on your classroom list. With questions about the feeling of Christmas morning and early Christmas memories, there are plenty of opportunities for reflection. Students will also consider important topics like the benefits of giving and receiving, family traditions, and the reasons for celebrating the holiday.

Writing about christmas day

They will write their stories in first person. Goals To use specific words in a story To write a personal experience story To use description To organize a plot and develop the story Materials Needed Pencils and Erasers or Pens and Whiteouts Notebook Paper First, you will copy the worksheet so that each student will have a copy.

Then, you will explain how students will develop the structure of their story. They are to write their stories in first person point of view. They need to write about a personal experience they had with their families on Christmas Day. Students can write their stories using a humorous mood or a serious mood.

They will use the following worksheet. Students need to use some or all of the words included in the worksheet. They also need to include descriptions that appeal to the senses. You will write about an event in your life that happened on Christmas Day. It can be something that is humorous or serious.

It must be a true experience in your life. Some of the words are suggestions.

End of December Writing Prompts

You need to describe the house such as kitchen, dining room, and living room. You also need to describe these room using the senses, touch, hear, sight, smell, and taste.

Grading You can grade them on sentence structure, paragraph structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and if they have include at least some of the words in the list.Worksheet - Writing A Christmas Story Directions: You will write about an event in your life that happened on Christmas Day.

It can be something that is humorous or serious.

writing about christmas day

Christmas Essays. Cherish the joyful spirit of Christmas Festival with these heartfelt and reflective essays on Christmas!

We also invite you to share your feelings and expereinces on Christmas by sending us Christmas Essays written by you. Christmas Essay 1 ( words) Christmas is a big festival celebrated by the people in the winter season.

writing about christmas day

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These 20 Christmas writing prompts will keep your students writing – and they will have fun too! Pretend you are one of Santa’s elves.

Write a journal entry about your day.

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Cute elf application writing and craft activity! I could tie this into a fun christmas-time career lesson for my students. Find this Pin and more on christmas writing ideas by Wendy Stephanie. Freebie Elf Application plus ideas for a craft and hallway display to match!

Christmas and December Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Topics and Journal Ideas